40 Days In The Desert-The Making of The Post-Apocalyptic Movie: The 9th Raider.

Glamis is the site of the Star Wars spaceship “Crash” in the first movie and the site of The 9th Raider survival scenes.
Day 11: Former Disney and Nickelodeon star Daniel Curtis Lee came out to the desert to find the “promised land” in the epic portrayal of the character “Petro”
DAY 11: The first day that the character “Frenchie” was born on a location near the Mojave desert.
The images captured in the desert at locations like “Salvation Mountain” became also the influence for paintings done by collaborating NFT artists.
Day 17: Actor Richard Ryan ( Right) prepared for the movie months ahead of time running in hot conditions and was up for the grueling challenges.
The location of this remote cave was discovered on google earth by the director in the evening at 3 am while he was doing one of his many google 3D scans to discover overlooked locations. He and the crew then drove for over 5 hours to get to this cave location for filming.
Day 26: The Burrio Schmidt Tunnel -The Longest Man-Made Tunnel in California, over 1.5 miles long was the site for the AI “Sensai” scene, where the character “Frenchie” discovers a secret AI technology left behind in The 9th Raider.

Solidly Supported by the NFT and Crypto Community During The Making of This Post-Apocalyptic Movie.

About the cutting-edge project: The story is set in the post-apocalyptic time period of 2037. Surviving Humans scavenge for resources in a hostile world. 8th Raiders have scorched the earth and “The 9th Raider“ ”is yet to come. Legends tell of the Hopi Indian Prophecy being an omen for the final survival of the human population. Hope comes when a survivor discovers a crypto network that left behind a digital-powered ark to save humanity.



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