9th Raider Film during Miami Art Week. Making History With The Launch of the Lunaprise Art Museum on the Moon. Quarter 1:2023

The director of the 9th Raider Movie and NFT Venture( Dallas Santana) is heading to Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami to join up on the speaker's panel (with the Space Blue, Arch Foundation, and Galactic Legacy Labs) team to announce the film’s debut ( The 9th Raider) which was officially submitted to Sundance Film Festival.

Space X Launch to take the metallic engravings of the film and its digital 4k file to be deposited in the world’s first lunar art museum and lunar time capsule in world history. (The lander vehicle to the moon is powered by Intuitive Machines)


Sunday December 4th, 2022

Time: 3pm to 8pm

Where: Bitbasel NFT Gallery

Wynwood/Miami Art District

59 NW 36th Street, Miami, Florida 31327

Presentation: Space Leaders and Innovators discuss the Moon Based Art Museum Project.

9th Raider Director and Filmmaker Reveal How Hopi Prophecy Set The Stage For Historic Film and NFT’s.

About The Story: The year is 2037. Humans have reached a crossroads for survival after 8 events that have turned the world into nearly a wasteland. A man buries his daughter in a survival pod in the desert to protect her from the doom that was coming and searches for her for years after a major nuclear holocaust. The 9th Raider is set to arrive, and the survivors are forced to choose a new path or face absolute extinction.

The story is set in the post-apocalyptic time period of 2037. Surviving Humans scavenge for resources in a hostile world. 8th Raiders have scorched the earth and “The 9th Raider” “is yet to come. Legends tell of the Hopi Indian Prophecy being an omen for the final survival of the human population. Hope comes when a survivor discovers a crypto network that left behind a digital-powered ark to save humanity.

The 9th Raider Hologram Artwork/NFT was first seen during Context during Art Basel 2021


Trailer Online and Website: Click Here

NFT Information site: Click Here

Studios: M Digital Studios, Inc. Click Here To Connect Online

Shooting days to date:40

Cryptocurrency/NFT partnerships: Ark.io, Originprotocol.com, Crypto.com. BQTX.io. , ) and NFT Blue.

NFT Rights Managed by: NFT Blue



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