9th Raider: Metaverse- NFT Project and Film:

About the Level 1- “9th Raider Journey Collection

Exclusive NFT Member Access Keys Into The Metaverse:

  • 24 Unique Coins, 10 editions each power fans (2400 total NFT coins), and collectors who will be able to journey on their own into the Metaverse when they collect the first edition of NFT Coins that unlock top tier level 1 rewards.
  • Each Coin comes with unlockable surprise rewards which will allow these early collectors exclusive access to live metaverse experiences when it's released on screens.
  • Only super fans and collectors who hold these NFT coins will be powered up during the movie when it's released using mobile phones to unlock embedded QR codes hidden in key artwork on the screen. This exclusive collector-only access transports fans directly into the Metaverse level of the movie and continues into the Metaverse journey on their own, discovering hidden content and rewards.
  • Superfan Collectors who qualify by collecting all 24 coins, will be invited to Live VIP Screenings of the Film.
  • Additional levels and NFT collections will be announced 3rd and 4th quarter of 2022.

Solidly Supported by the NFT and Crypto Community During The Making of This Post-Apocalyptic Movie.

About the cutting-edge project: The story is set in the post-apocalyptic time period of 2037. Surviving Humans scavenge for resources in a hostile world. 8th Raiders have scorched the earth and “The 9th Raider“ ”is yet to come. Legends tell of the Hopi Indian Prophecy being an omen for the final survival of the human population. Hope comes when a survivor discovers a crypto network that left behind a digital-powered ark to save humanity.

First and Only NFT Film in History That Was Exhibited During Miami Art Week/Art Basel 2021.

Filming Location: Mojave Desert, Salton Sea, Glamis Sand Dunes, Goat Trestle Bridge ( tallest wooden bridge in the world)



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