First and Only NFT Film in History That Was Exhibited During Miami Art Week/Art Basel 2021.

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9th Raider NFT Project and Film: Solidly Supported by the NFT and Crypto Community During The Making of This Post Apocalyptic Movie.

With a Revolutionary plan to Finance Hollywood Movies, pioneering team strikes ethereum gold . Award winning team creates new paradigm for filmmakers and artists who have been previously stripped of their creative rights.

Story: 9 Hopi Indian Omens Set the Stage for Surviving Humans to Face Extinction or Evolution.

The year is 2037. Humans have reached a crossroads for survival after 8 events which have turned the world into nearly a wasteland. A man buries his daughter in a survival pod in the desert to protect her from the doom that was coming, and searches for her for years after a major nuclear holocaust. The 9th Raider is set to arrive, and the survivors are forced to choose a new path or face absolute extinction.

The movie was built with talent who developed their own successful projects simultaneously in the NFT ( non fungible token side ) world as well: Forging projects with and other NFT platforms run by top tier cryptocurrency protocols, aligning with famous seven figure selling NFT artists like Rob Prior ( Famous Painter and Comic/NFT star with Stan Lee Artwork and Comicon style NFT projects). And the team recruited youthful stars including Former Disney Teen Star Daniel Curtis Lee ( Co star of Disney’s “Zeke and Luther” and “Ned’s Declassified” and who has turned to NFT projects after starring in hundreds of TV shows for Disney), Kylin Kilani ( Top Asian American Model and Teen Star-first Hollywood teen star signed to major Korean crypto/NFT exchange), Richard Ryan ( Action Star of “The Art of Deception” ) James Hebert ( “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”) , and French Actor Cedric Lebet (real world top NFT collector on Niftygateway).

Kylin Kilani (left)

About the cutting edge project: The story is set in post apocalyptic time period of 2037. Surviving Humans scavenge about for resources in a hostile world. 8th Raiders have scorched the earth and “The 9th Raider“ ”is yet to come. Legends tell of the Hopi Indian Prophecy being an omen for the final survival of the human population. Hope comes when a survivor discovers a crypto network that left behind an digital powered ark to save humanity.

Filming Location: Mojave Desert, Salton Sea, Glammis Sand Dunes, Goat Trestle Bridge ( tallest wooden bridge in world)

While Covid 19 “lockdown“ flipped Hollywood Upside Down, the crypto/NFT pioneers who had spent 5 years in crypto , took their film team fueled by skyrocketing etheruem and love for NFT innovation and traveled and escaped the chaos of Hollywood to film in off the beaten trail locations far removed out in the desert.
NFT ‘s include 3 physical bound original printed signed screenplay with ! NFT Each

Trailer Online and Website: Click Here

NFT Information site : Click Here

Collaborating Artists: Rob Prior-Physical Painting ( paintings include original authorized Stan Lee paintings, celebrities and music stars and is a well known comic artist, as well as a prolific filmmaker). Billboard winning Producer Andrew Lane (“High School Musical 3”), and 2X Grammy winning producers Eddie Mandel and Marlow Rossow,, and social media stars with over 200 million combined reach.

Sneak Peek of the NFT Collection

Price of ethereum when principal photography commenced: $133:36

Ethereum Price when film NFT launched at Art Basel : $4400+

Directed by: Filmmaker and NFT/Crypto Maverick/Pioneer Dallas Santana

Studios: M Digital Studios, Inc.

Social Media Clout Attached: Over 200 million fans attached with music artists and cameo roles. First marketing campaign to announce only the project reached over 200 million and created 12 million engagements.Link here to analytics report.

Shooting days to date: 30+

Cryptocurrency/NFT partnerships:,, AIP ( South Korea), KBH ( South Korea), AMF ( South Korea), USA based and more.

NFT Rights Managed by: NFT Blue

Releasing Strategy: NFT collectors will get to purchase NFT collections starting in 2022, and view and experience the movie and attend VIP experiences and trade super rare NFT collections first and foremost.



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