Stunning photography and film, to surf the waves in space and be sent to the Lunarpise Museum in quarter 1, 2023 On Space X Falcon 9. Nature Lovers and Adrenalin Junkie’s favorite content will be deposited in Lunaprise Archive Set to Last over 1 billion years on the Moon.

Show Title: BYOB-Bring Your Own Board

BYOB Bring Your Own Board TV episodes and images of the cast and locations and NFTs Will be deposited in Lunaprise Archive Set to Last over 1 billion years on the Moon and minted into NFTs.

[Series Produced and Directed by: Dallas Santana and Kenji Claudio}

NFT Rights Managed by: NFT Blue

Websites/Social media:


Twitter —

Instagram —

AIRED ON: Fox Sports Asia ( 31 countries=115 million subscribers) from 2020 to 2021. Will launch on Momentum Channel to over 90 countries and 500 million in 2023.


Think “Laguna Beach” meets N’ Networks “Beyond the Break”

Some of the artwork and music and has been minted into NFT’s:

Guest Talent: Nadine Casanova’s Artwork and music are included as NFTs to be linked to the moon museum.

Produced by: Momentum Entertainment and Sports has earned over 350 executive producing credits for its TV series on CBS, ABC, Direct TV, Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, MyNetwork TV, Fox Sports, Fox+, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, Hulu, Netflix, and to its broadcast clients in over 66 countries worldwide. It is best known for its travel adventure TV series “Destination X: Hawaii starring “Jane Bond” adventure seekers take on adventures from racing, flying fighter jets, action sports, sky diving, and hiking glaciers and rainforests around the globe. Momentum has also produced and distributed one of the longest-running action sports series that ran on Fox Sports in over 35 countries worldwide. Momentum Entertainment has formed numerous partnerships including with the producers of Twilight (“Imprint Entertainment”), its travel adventure TV series which is backed by the co-heir to the James Bond Film Franchise and with numerous award-winning producers, directors, and fortune 1000 companies and brands in the lifestyles sectors.

Meet The Cast:

Nikki Viesins

Nikki’s music —

Coming off winning the USA Women’s under-18 Championship, Roxy surfer Nikki Viesins’ next challenge is finding her way into the professional league of surfing. As a triple threat in her sport of surfing, music, and modeling, Nikki finds that the journey to getting the green light from her sponsors to turn pro is much harder than she thinks.

Nikki’s spread in Eastern Surf Magazine on her 1st Place win at the USA Championships

Nikki Viesins Pro Surfer

Sean Mattison- Surf Coach for USA Team, Board Maker. Family Man

From being a seasoned professional surfer turned surfboard designer & surf coach for the USA world junior team, Sean is the renaissance man of the sport of surfing. However, as his children are growing up, and moving off to college & the struggle as a father to provide for his family is becoming overwhelming.

Sean Mattison on the cover of “Surfer Magazine”

Lola Jade

Boardroom Interview —

Leaving behind the life she had as a mortgage broker, Lola sells everything she has to go stoke or broke in launching her business Chick Sticks Surfboards. With her passion for girl power, Lola enters the world of ruthless competition in the male-dominated industry of action sports.

Surfline —

Olga Safari

Over 1,0,000 fans on Facebook and over 77 million Vine Views.

Being compared to Anne Hathaway, Olga has garnered the media’s attention as becoming the next big model to hit the runway. After landing a representation deal with one of the biggest agencies in Hollywood, Olga faces the stresses of choosing the right path in the treacherous world of working in fashion.

Olga Safari wearing Odina Swimwear in Hawaii on BYOB TV Series.



LA Times —

LA Times Video Coverage-

Growing up in a surf family where all your sons are lifeguards & surfers, Pete Hamborg, father of five sons created a board that would help his sons surf better called the Ham board. Nobody in the world of skating took Pete seriously with the physics & design of his board, but people could not look away from the flow of its ride on land. After getting the attention of the producers of Shark Tank, the Hamborg family journey into a world of suit-wearing investors interested in gaining a piece of their Huntington Beach stoke.

Pete Hamborg featuring Hamboards on KTLA

Artist/Singer/PerformerNadine Casanova

Dallas is a pioneer in adventure programming at one point living in Hawaii where he oversaw many of the programs for his action sports library. The indie culture led him to immediately embrace NFT and blockchain technology as well as a new way of releasing programming.

Kenji Claudio

With his passion in the action sports industry, Kenji begins working with companies like Roxy & Red Bull in developing a way for the action sports community to be heard through social media & television. Encountering hot-headed executives & PR nightmares, Kenji journeys the narrow path of earning authenticity with the executives in a highly volatile industry.

BYOB Bring Your Own Board TV producer Kenji Claudio

Main sponsors and companies involved:

Red Bull ( content provider)


Von Sol Surfboards

Cordell Surfboards

Chick Sticks Surfboards

Courtney Allegra

Single Fashion

L-Space Swim and Beach Wear

Odina Swimwear

Surf Industry Media partners/Alliances/Connections:

The Surf Channel ( direct TV and cable TV V.O.D.)

Surf Line

IMG ( owners of Top Surf Industry Events and to sports fashion agency)

Surfing America (USA Surf Team)

ISA (International Surfing Association)



Red Bull

Comparison TV shows launched:

Bay Watch

Beyond the Break

Laguna Hills

The O.C.

The 808

The North Shore



Episode: 1

OC Surf Dreams

Introduction of Main Characters, meet the cast and learn about their main obstacle to California Surf Dreams.


Lola Shaper Dreams

Meet Lola Jade, the incredible women entrepreneur who took on the entire surf industry and prevailed launching a women’s surfboard brand. The price to get to the top of the industry comes with a price.


Olga Safari Models for Surf Brands

Meet social media star Olga Safari, with over 300,000 fans on Facebook and over 77 million views, she can reach more people with messages of the brand ambassadors she represents in the surf industry than most media companies. But being a social media star comes with a sigma when you are wanting to launch an acting career. Will she make it?


Nikki Surf Team Champ Dreams

Nikki Viesins, is one of the top female surfers in the USA but she has a huge juggling act to handle if she wants to make it to the top.


Past the Break, Dreams Hang

We follow Nikki Viesins into Costa Rica as she sets out to win the gold!


Snared Under the Reef

Dangers lurk for surfers under the reef, it looks nice on the surface but Nikki and her friends will have to find some better locations because this spot has many dangers where surfers have died before.


Winning the Gold

Nikki continues her journey when she competes at the Oceanside Pro


Who Will Survive OC Surf Dreams or Bust?

Nikki, Olga, Sean, and Lola are all struggling to make their dreams come true, from family strife to economic woes, will they survive?


Viva Mexico!

Sean Mattison, surf coach and owner of Von Sol has had it with stress in family life, he needs an escape and sneaks down to Mexico to catch some surf action. But this isn’t the same Mexico Sean grew up visiting, it’s now rougher, tougher and he and the crew have to watch their every step both onshore and in the water.



Meet Cordell Miller one of the most respected board shapers in the industry. Things seem great for this millionaire but owning his own company has come with a price, his wife has left him and he is struggling to be the best Dad he can while he tackles his dream


Just got Lei’d

The BYOB team heads off for Hawaii, the land of Aloha, where they get ready for some stunning underwater shoots and hikes near volcanoes.


Spreading the Aloha Love

The BYOB team skips over from Kauai to The Big Island where they meet up for Yoga lessons with Yoga Love girl, and take in some waves, the word is out that the team is in town and everyone wants to join the team


Surf and Turf

The Big Island of Hawaii is turning more adventurous, the team has been offered to go Marlin Fishing on a deep sea fishing trip. The team catches nothing and gets upset to learn, a teen the very next week sets a world record on the very same boat!


Scuba Duba Dive

Rescue Diver Richard White takes the entire team out for free diving, a dangerous passion, he warns them there are dangers in the open water, and sure enough after the crew and team leave the water, a man is killed in the same spot when a swordfish impales him in the chest. Close call.


Oh Bee-have!

Pro Surfer Dan Bailey takes a tour visiting the eco bee farm set in one of the most stunning locations in the world: Kauai. Joe The Beekeeper is a former hippie who has turned his passion into a thriving international business.


This is What it’s Like to Fly

Music Artist Nadine Casanova arrives with a plan to do an underwater music video shoot she soon discovers the dangers that lurk beneath paradise, the shoot is moved from Kauai and its fierce water conditions over to the Big Island to a tamer cove.



The crew heads over to visit Kona Coffee and gets a buzz.



One of the best-kept secrets is a half-mile-long private beach where the crew sets up, this private location is not even listed on any websites, it’s so private. It’s a YMCA camp and the cast finds that with music, bonfires, and surf, it’s definitely” fun to stay at the YMCA


Operation Puerto Rico

The cast heads for Puerto Rico, famously known as the Hawaii of the Caribbean with its huge surf in El Rincon and fabulous adventures.


Rainforest Flight of the Concords

The cast explores the rainforest in

El Yunque international forest, and then heads off for an eco water photo shoot with Odina Surf, an eco brand made from recycled plastics, what an epic eco fashion statement-making photo shoots in the rainforest with eco clothing wear.



The surf team heads off to explore caves and waterfalls and continues to shoot music.


Surf Housing Around

Dozens of female surfers land at the world-famous Women’s Surf House, and the crew and cast head off to meet up with them for a surf day and bonfire on the beach.


Pura Vida!

Dan, Lauren, and Kenji land in Costa Rica to discover that life is Pura Vida



The biggest eco-music festival is taking place in the middle of the jungle and the cast is there ready to warm up for their music set


School of the World

The cast land at a school resort to hang with local artists and surfers in Jaco, Costa Rica


Hola Paradise!

The cast explores the hidden surf spots and bazaars tucked away off Costa Rica’s shoreline

For more information on the mission visit the community for loves of all things space.



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