Alexandria Morrow -International Muse aka Professional Actress•NFT Artist Announces NFT Art Project with Frutiloopy

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4 min readApr 13, 2022

Collection name The Glitch Metaverse Mail

Pieces: 80

Editions: 1/1

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NFT Collection Description

Starring Muse Alexandria Morrow, the Glitch Goddess of Art Love Inspiration and Empowerment, the collection is composed of 3 main pieces (MP4) and 77 unique stamps (GIF).

‘’To my dearest digital habitant of the Metaverse, here’s an invitation: explore some new place in the world, write a special letter, and glue one of my stamps to the paper. Your reward will be the summit of rewarding: you’ll finally be able to see that mistakes are what makes diamonds.’’

The Glitch Metaverse Mail is a collection based on the idea that bridges between past and future, digital and material world, can and need to be created in the present tense.

The main pieces are presentation cards of Alexandria, the original sound and colors of the pieces tell about the atmospheric energy created when meeting her.

Stamps are a vivid hybrid between realities, a reminder of the vintage letters of the old world, shared with the new world thru art composed by digital glitches created with the tools of the new one.

Every Stamp is different, numbered, and has a geographic coordinate that leads to a unique place of the world that can be searched and visited with street view (as well as in reality, if desired).

We both, Alexandria & Frutiloopy hope you enjoy the collection and allow yourself to embrace the glitches, imperfections, or so-called mistakes in the world, as well as in your own life & turn them into artistic diamonds (masterpieces) thru the metaverse and all forms of art and nature. Send a letter, blow a kiss, share a hug, share the love, and spread messages of the true beauty of loving-kindness & unity Throughout nature, the world of art, and the metaverse, we all have the gift of being brought together to do so, let’s do it, let’s send one another some of our meta stamps of art, fashion, fun glitches sprinkled with nature & healing images & colors bringing it all to life thru digital realms & art energy realm.

Modeling Glitch Goddess Star: Alexandria Morrow

Visual, Glitch, and sound Artist: Frutiloopy

About Alexandria Morrow: Alexandria is a lifelong natural born Artist birthed by two New Mexican Artists. Growing up around all art forms, she gravitated the most around performance-based ones whereas she was the subject of inspiration. The Vessel …The Muse — “one who inspires” Hince her beginning her professional training in dance which lead to being kicked out for being too long-limbed & told, “she couldn’t be a dancer due to having long limbs, she belonged with the models”. Using that pain to energize their heart she embraced her place as a Fashion Model & moved to NYC to Model professionally full time. Modeling lead her back into Dance which she also continued studying Dance (ALL types this time) & Acting (on stage as well as in film & tv). Eventually landing a few small roles as a Fashion Model on Zoolander, Remedie, Sex In the City & more, lead her back out west to focus more on Acting. Whereas she was led back to modeling again too. Now she continues to grow as well rounded International Model, Actress, Dancer (Performance Artist) & now honored to be an NFT Artist Model as well as Curator.

“The entire NFT process & space excites & inspires me to new realms, Hince why I was inspired to share some of my archived (“glitches” on my eyes) from my Fashion Modeling to My Lingerie Modeling & back again to a classic mix of the two…literally making so called glitch shots (inbtwn poses shots-rather shots the model or og artist doesn’t like…) into new pieces of art for many to enjoy & be inspired by. May you all be inspired to inspire to the metaverse & beyond. Thank you for joining us in this journey”.

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About Frutiloopy The Artist:

Frutiloopy is an abstract and glitch artist from Argentina. She defines herself as a “90s kid” and an authentic child of the internet, whose mind was fed with the colors, sounds, and textures of an incredibly unique and fun decade of history.

Her journey as a visual creator and writer began when she started painting surrealistic scenes, learning by herself about the composition of the colors and lights of the world.

Her style gained definition quickly, as she developed an interest in the experimental exploration of multiple fields, from pottery to drawing and poetry. Music is her biggest love and meaning-generator of her life.

NFTs were a turning point on her path as a creator as she began to feel part of a giant and loving community with an incredible potential for growing. She is really proud of being part of a group of creators from all over the world that bring faith and unimagined opportunities for all.

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