Analysis: Dapper Lab’s NBA Top Shot tops $100 million blockchain collectible sales

Making money

The pricing of the direct sales of the Top Shot packs range from $9 to $230 dollars and currently, 25,000 units of each pack are released with a total of around 400,000 packs issued so far. The quantities were smaller in the 2,000–3,000 range for earlier packs and sometimes less, making these rarer. Many packs are selling out within hours, creating urgency and FOMO.

Growing pains

On January 14, a well-known fantasy sports personality, Jonathan Bales, tweeted about NBA Top Shot and his acquisition of a $35,000 Moment. This may have been the trigger for the spike in activity. Despite the headline success, NBA Top Shot has experienced some serious issues during the last month.

Juggling different audiences

One of the fascinating aspects of NBA Top Shot is the very different audiences it’s appealing to. You have kids and others who are attracted just as fans, although Dapper terms say users need to be 18+. There are the more serious memorabilia collectors and cryptocurrency traders who see this as a combination of their interest in the sport and trading. And there’s the fantasy game players and the gamblers.

Legal implications

Around the world, regulators have grappled with the issue of whether to classify cryptocurrencies as securities or commodities. Nonfungible sports tokens could additionally attract gaming regulators. As sports betting is becoming legalized in some U.S. states, the fantasy sports industry body FSGA is keen to differentiate fantasy sports from gaming.

An evolution in how people enjoy sports

On the one hand, the NBA Top Shot game is capable of mixing these different audiences and potentially enhancing enjoyment.



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