Disney and Nickelodeon producing team, along with many of their stars “flip the Hollywood script” and launch NFT Collectibles.

Billboard winning music industry Andrew Lane says he is enthusiastic about a new trend for creators like himself and his artists. Many Hollywood creatives are tired of the big studios collecting most, if not all of the royalties and revenues and payouts for other’s creativity and songs, often with royalties not showing up for years, if at all royalty payouts. But with blockchain verified NFT’s that unfair system could soon by history.

Andrew produced multi platinum records for Disney artists like Hannah Montana ( “Miley Cyrus”) , won a Billboard on High School Musical 3, appeared on “P Diddy’s” MTV hit “Making the Band”, wrote songs on Disney hits like “Princess Diaries” and is in the “who’s who” in Hollywood top music producers for the next teen idols. The truth is as he explains,” the industry has gotten harder and harder each decade” due to digital copies easily shared all over, and a lack of transparency in revenue collections around the world for artists. He thinks the NFT marketplace is going to be a game changer.

What’s an NFT? An NFT is a tokenized digital asset that can contain either music and creative files, like videos and artwork , and that can be “rarefied” and even ” gamified’ with fan experiences attached creating demand and value around the world. Think of it like a Pokemon or Fornite gaming skin, but with the artist’s image on it , and it existing as a digital assets outside of a game and stored instead in e-wallets by collectors, traders and investors around the world. Artist and influencers like Logan Paul, Instagram star “Doggieface”, Deadmau5, and even grammy winning artist “Kings of Leon” launched NFT’s recently generating millions of dollars for single transactions of their collectibles. Even Elon Musk got on board with the craze launching his own single NFT electronic song, with the opening bid was $1.3 million…for the single track!

This after his company TESLA signaled global acceptance of cryptocurrency by investing in over $1.5 billion in bitcoin. And the NFT buzz is just getting started. NFT’s tap the power of cryptocurrency blockchain networks built on ethereum, and originated from Bitcoin to verify payments , and authenticity, making it impossible to copy an original artwork on the blockchain. Artists with the NFT Blue think tank ,are rethinking how they can make some of their artwork and songs exclusive and limited, and this “rareification” strategy along with their existing fan base is turning up the volume with individual ownership of songs fetching millions of dollars for a single track for some hot artists! NFT’s experienced advisory team, shows them how they can still release music as well the traditional way on youtube, spotify putting out their albums and singles that way but offering exclusive content through NFT’s Blue global strategy and network.

Music artists can now release unique album covers, exclusive songs and artwork together in cataloged collections in partnership and help from NFT Blue. And the best part ;most of the time the payments to the artists are instant. Something artists are really sore about is how platforms like Youtube , Amazon Prime, and Spotify monetize the artists and pay them months later with reports that often are fuzzy and not able to be verified. Not with Blockchain technology. That game of using artists money will soon be over.

Former teen start Daniel Curtis Lee ( of Nickelodeun and Disney Fame) will be one of the upcoming releases with NFT Blue with his NFT tied to his work on the motion picture and sound tracks onThe 9th Raider”, the first motion picture backed and funded by NFT initiatives. Daniel did hundreds of tv shows on those networks and got a fan base built up but now and with NFT he can take control of his digital rights, and earn money directly from fan bases both connected to his new movie he stars in, and any sound tracks he records that are tied into the NFT releases.

Andrew heads up the music ventures at NFT Blue, the leading group advising and helping guide music artists , sports stars celebrities and brands through the new waters of art, collectibles and cryptocurrency. Andrew isn’t new, three years ago his team with. Momentum Studios, were hosting the first ever music series sponsored by upstart cryptocurrency and future NFT hosts and platforms built in blockchain technology at their music series held during Oscars weekend at the Gibson celebrity center in Beverly Hills.

“I see artist control over their rights, transparency of monetization and direct engagement with their fans to be a game changer in our industry” said NFT Blue music head Andrew Lane.

With nearly half a billion fans connected through the Disney and Nickelodeon artists the music team headed up by Andrew Lane manages, and collaborates with, the NFT Blue Music team is poised to be leaps ahead of the traditional entertainment industry.


contact: nftblue@mesntv.com



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NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.