First-Ever NFT-Metaverse Dedicated TV Network Launching

Our featured newest Business Sports TV series

BYOB-Bring Your Own Board- CHOCKED FULL OF BRAND INTEGRATION for companies and New Stars! Aired on Fox Sports Asia 31 to 31countries reaching over 130 million and launched crypto exchanges for the first time on network TV, now launching new programs on the Momentum Channel.

Think: “Beyond the Beach- Baywatch meets The Apprentice”

Starring Lifeguard brothers from ABC’s Shark Tank: The Hamboard Family, US Junior Surfing Champion Nikki Viesins, USA Surf Coach Sean Mattison, Social Media Star/Model Olga Safari (over 77 million views on Vine), Top Board Designer for women Lola Jade, and Former Professional Surfer Cordell Miller.



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NFT Blue

NFT Blue


NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.