Presents First Metaverse NFT VIP Gallery Event

Presenter: Forbes Crypto Editor (Monaco) Dustin Plantholt.

Join us on 14 July 2022, as Metaverse leader unveils Tanga, its newest GuardianLink minted NFT by Artist Anaam. The virtual celebration will be held inside’s VIP Artist Spotlight Gallery. The event is open to collectors, investors, and the public. Other presenters include The CEO of Landian, Keyur Patel Chairman of Guardian Link, NFT Blue, Brandi Veil of Being Investments, and Galactic Legacy Labs.

Date: 14 July 2022–11 AM to 1 PM (PST)

Featured NFT Impact Artist: Anaam

Guest Access: ( by invite only)( (Oculus headsets not required)

Ask Me Anything (AMA) to broadcast live interviews with the artist Anaam, event presenters, celebrities, and guests.

Each Tangka NFT is ERC 721 Token generated on Ethereum. To ensure rarity, 100,000 Generative Art will be created with 10,000 randomly selected for variations. The event will showcase 10,000 NFTs minted from artwork based on the original Tibetan legendary coins and offered to interested supporters and collectors.

GuardianLink, co-founded by Keur Patel, serves as a reliability protocol that enables indivisibility and recoverability for theft-proof NFTs and Smart Contracts.

For more information, visit:



Minted on Guardian Link:

About Tangka NFT Collection Project

The Tangka represents the first widely adopted means of Tibetan currency. The collection of 10,000 Tangka NFTs, soon to be released to the public, features intricate lotus-patterned artwork based on the original Tibetan coins. Tangka coins were first minted in Tibet in 1763/4, and later in 1785, and were modeled on ornate prototypes previously outsourced to Nepal. These silver coins symbolized Tibet’s participation in a global commercial network honoring the nation’s sovereignty, and the diffusion of its transformative spiritual ideals of compassion and unity. Though the original Tangka coin was discontinued in 1941, its modern NFT counterpart holds the same objective true to the crypto spirit, with the decentralized collection having a profound social and political potential of advancing Tibet’s spiritual quest toward global interdependence.

About Artist Anaam

NFT artist Anaam is also a designer, filmmaker, poet, writer, truth seeker, and traveled being of Eastern — Feminine origin. The multidisciplinary and experienced visionary has worked with many Silicon Valley tech giants and start-ups in various fields across the globe. Over the last 15 years, she has dedicated her life to serving a globally recognized mission for a live-work commune for healing and transformation. The artist’s sole passion and commitment is to serve the Divine’s dream that affords humanity a new consciousness. Anonymous in life and service till date, she carries seeds of truth, peace, and love from the heart with perfect simplicity for people near or far.



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