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3 min readSep 12, 2023

The event at Art Impact on NYFW Runway — Sunday, September 10th, 2023 brought attention to Maui fire victims and animals.

A collaborative event featuring celebrities, fashion designers, social media influencers, and models aims to raise money at New York Fashion Week for an urgent humanitarian crisis still taking place in Maui, Hawaii. Recorded as the worst wildfire in recent US history, claiming what’s estimated to be over 1,000 lives and displacing over 9,000 people from their homes, the Lahaina fires completely destroyed Maui’s most historic town and its survivors need our support.

On Sunday, September 10th, 2023 at 5 pm, impact-driven designers took the runway over at NYFW for an important cause. The project was led by artists including Katalyst AKA Kat Nowak, Max Louis of Lahaina Hands; an art-fashion project created by the surviving children of Lahaina, sustainable swimwear designs by Swim Gaia & Gaia House, Humanitarian Digital Artist: Godric Reign (RyūzanXR), Nadine Casanova (Kalibri), and the Artist Community Space Blue; a groundbreaking project they are curating taking impactful art and music to the moon launched on SpaceX Falcon 9 (NASA’ IM-1 Private Payload: The “Lunaprise” Time Capsule Mission)., in collaboration with SpaceBlue and Water, is delivering artesian water cans to help families in Maui without clean water access due to recent events. This effort involves 222 dedicated artists raising awareness about social impact issues through art, fueled by’s commitment to humanity.

Traveling to NYFW all the way from Maui Hawai’i, designer, influencer, and musical artist Max Louis has been on the ground leading efforts to provide food, water, and shelter support to displaced families and individuals in Lahaina since the devastating August 8th fires. Together with the Cabanilla Ohana, Max has created Lahaina Hands, a brand featuring artwork created by the children who survived the Maui fires. Lahaina Hands gives 100% of its profits directly to displaced families and aims to provide work for those who not only lost their homes but also their jobs and businesses in the Maui fires. & www.Lahaina.Giving

The event was hosted at the eco-conscious New Earth Museum in Brooklyn, with the space being curated by Heartist, and supported by Bitbasel and highlights designers Forever Lavi, House of Fashion, LCamero) and the new Maui-based fashion brands Lahaina Hands & Swim Gaia Sustainable Swimwear, whose team has been on the ground doing impact work in Maui almost immediately since the fire subsided. Original artwork created by young survivors of the fire will be on display and up for auction. Proceeds will go directly to the displaced families in Maui, Hawaii and fundraising will continue on for a while

Donors can buy art all month and beyond, and help support them right off the runway and hold onto a collection that will be super rare with a space mission coming up that will take the artwork’s digital twins to the moon. For this special art collection only curated by Gaia House, 1/3 of the support managed by the Love Foundation and the -Marshmello to the Moon Pet project- will go towards supporting the Humane Society and helping rescue and care for surviving pets there in Hawaii, 1⁄3 towards and 1⁄3 support towards Maui Strong Thousands of water bottles are already being shipped by to help the animals and humans who need care.

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Space Blue is the intersection of space, arts, music culture. It oversees the curation of digital time capsule going to the moon ( NASA-IM1-Lunaprise Payload)