Miami Art Week 2022 Line Up Highlighted Space NFT Art projects

Space Blue
4 min readDec 8, 2022

Featured Artists Pepe Soho, Ori Bengal, Nadine Casanova, Moon Surfer, and Kirsten Collins Shine at Bitbasel 5-day experience.

Space Blue/NFT Blue Artists and projects were hosted at Bitbasel in Miami Arts District BitBasel’s 2022 Miami Art Week NFT Showcase and Web 3 Media Lab.

Artists announced for Lunarpise Art Museum: Award Winning Photographer Pepe Soho VR experience and art collection ( “ Coming Home”), Live Painter/Artist Ori Bengel, Moon Surfer, Nadine Casanova -Kalibri, Kirsten Collins, Alexandria Morrow, and other artists and health activations.

What is the Lunaprise Museum being Sent on Space X To the Moon?

Space Leaders and Innovators came on stage to Bitbasel to discuss the Lunaprise Museum Project. Speakers include the founder of The Arch Lunar Art Archive and featured Space Blue, Galatic Legacy Labs, Arch Mission Foundation, and collaborators who announced stellar Moon-linked metaverse plans and take NFT Art to the moon and into the future. Learn more about art to the moon with the [Lunarpise] Art Museum On The Moon.

Featured Artist: Check out Pepe Soho Immersive VR Experience:

10 Stunning physical, NFT, and Metaverse-activated art pieces that transport humans into a 3D metaverse ascension and experience. While the physical art is in the collector’s gallery or home, the art collection ( twin digital and engraved copies) has been selected for a mission on SpaceX to land the first art museum on the moon with Space Blue and Lunaprise.

Featured Artist: Ori Bengal

Artist:Ori Bengal a leading artist has a collection going to the moon on the Lunaprise MuseumMission
(L-R) Artists Nadine Casanova-Kalibri-Anna Bliss and NFT Founder ( Dallas Santana)

Some of the 222 Artists Announced: Space Leaders and Innovators came to discuss the Lunaprise Art Museum Project. Speakers include the founder of The Arch Lunar Art Archive, GLL, Space Blue, and some of the artists going on the mission were announced there.

Selected for Lunaprise Art Museum: Artist/Singer/SongwriterKirsten Collins ( recently her song charted #1 in South Korea with KPOP Stars)

Artists; Kirsten Collins, Andrew Lane and NFT Blue ( Dallas Santana)
Artist Kirsten Collins with Space Pioneer/Arch Mission Foundation Founder Nova Spivack

Selected for Lunaprise Art Museum: Alexandria Morrow/NFT Blue Artist

Artist ( NFT Blue and Dallas Santana and Alexandria Morrow)

Selected for Lunaprise Art Museum: NFT Blue/Nadine Casanova-Kalibri

Artist : NFT Blue ( Dallas Santana)in collaboration with Nadine Casanova-Kalibri

Selected for Lunaprise Art Museum: Moon Surfer

Artist: Moon Surfer

Bitbasel Starting as a digital art event on December 5th, 2020, BitBasel has been at the forefront of the rise of Bitcoin, NFTs, and Miami as the global crypto capital. Made up of a local community who have been leading blockchain education efforts across Florida since 2013, BitBasel empowers grassroots creators with the tools and support to launch their first NFT collection and win in Web3.


NFT Blue is a leading blue chip NFT advisory and web 3.0 marketing firm with projects launched around the world. Projects include artwork with The Oscars, NFL Stars, Olympic Icons, Fridah Khala, South Korea’s #1 ranked artist Hooranky, and Movie ( The 9th Raider). And many music ventures are just some of the iconic projects that NFT Blue manages. NFT Blue also launched Space Blue in 2022 in response to a dedicated team needed to build a community around the Lunaprise Mission to Take NFT Art to the Moon.

NFT Blue



Space Blue

Space Blue is the intersection of space, arts, music culture. It oversees the curation of digital time capsule going to the moon ( NASA-IM1-Lunaprise Payload)