Miami Art Week 2022 Line Up Highlights Space NFT Art projects +Invesment Experts“Where Will Web 3.0 Funding Expand Next”.

Coming to : BitBasel’s 2022 Miami Art Week NFT Showcase and Web 3 Media Lab

[Feature: Space Blue, Galatic Legacy Labs, Arch Mission Foundation, and collaborators announce stellar Moon-linked metaverse plans and take NFT Art to the moon and into the future].

Programming Scheduled:

Thursday December 1st, 2022

2021 Bitbasel Miami During Miami Art Week. ( Dallas Santana speaker-left) returns to speak about space art ventures.
Featured Art project and Movie: The 9th Raider : Being sent to Lunar Art Museum Quarter 1: 2023
2021 Was a success with Web 3.0 NFT , Space, and the 9th Raider Sneak Peek Hologram NFT Exhibit

Featured Artists: Pepe Soho VR ( Virtual Reality) Art Activation “Coming to Home”, Live Painting by Ori Bengal, The 9th Raider Movie/NFT Project (“One Second”) , MoonSurfer (“ Paradigms of Humanity”), Ascension 2020 ( Featuring Alexandria Morrow-Artwork by NFT Blue) and Isla Moon.


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