NFT Blue Announces Artist Line Up with Hooranky-AIP Token, during Bitcoin 2021 Miami.

Holds Museum of Graffiti Launch event during Bitcoin 2021 Miami-Famed South Korean Artist “Hooranky” headlines NFT artist line up backed with AIP token giveaway promotion.

NFT Blue’s founder’s team was on location during Bitcoin 2021 Miami’s event, attended by over 50,000 in Miami’s art district with star speakers such as World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, Entourage Star Adrian Grenier, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, X Games champ and Bitcoin HODler Tony Hawk. The world’s largest bitcoin event ever , was held in Mana Wynwood, where NFT Blue, threw an event headlined by a famous clubhouse panel of experts and NFT art showcase event in the Museum of Graffiti, attended by crypto art traders, artists, crypto exchanges and lovers of art and cryptocurrency.

More than 3.5 million club house followers connected to this spot.

2nd from Left to Right:

Nicole Behnam CH @nicb 175k followers

Jin Yu aka WOLF X LION @wolfxlion CH 112k followers

Swan Sit CH: @swansit 3.5 million followers

NFT Co Founder Kenji Claudio IG: @nftblue

The event was held at the most iconic art museum in the Bitcoin 2021 Miami neighborhood at the very hip Museum of Graffiti. Hooranky’s art along with his partner AIP Token was seen there and promoted earlier by a stellar line of clubhouse speakers and experts including Jin Yu ( the clubhouse promoter who boosted both record setting digital artist Beeples *( $69 million USD) and Andrew Snowden’s ( $5.4 million USD ) super successful NFT drops). The Hooranky project got notable attention and is coming out with a very unique value and offer supported by the AIP token ( over $100,000 in AIP tokene cryptocurrency giveaways are being distributed as random giveaways to some lucky future bidders and as well to pre registration crypto art lovers who sign up here). The clubhouse promotion for Hooranky leading up to the Bitcoin2021 event was the #1 ranked clubhouse of the day with serious interest from listeners interested in pre registering for Hooranky’s NFT drop, and also coming to see the Hooranky exhibit at the Bitcoin2021 Miami after event held in the Museum of Graffiti.

Hooranky on display at Museum Event during Bitcoin 2021 Miami

“hoo202002260208” Digital & Acrylic on Digital Paper, Korean Artist Hooranky Bae Retail Price ( physical item value) $10,870,723

5 pieces of Hooranky’s digital collection based on physical collections with value of over $100 million USD will go on sale with NFT Blue, and its partners at AMF /AIP through a direct offering supported by a major Ethereum based protocol to be announced shortly. Hooranky is a known abstract expressionist artist who mainly uses digital media. His work ‘hoo1906070149’ was sold at a Korean global department store last year at $10.65 million US dollars and has obtained over $100 million a year.

Hoornanky on display at Museum during Bitcoin 2021
Kylin Kalani featured star of the crypto backed movie The 9th Raider, and model with AIP’s Asiacat group ,and also promoted her upcoming NFT animation series at the Bitcoin2021 conference and was on clubhouse podcast to promote her support for Hooranky event.
Over 50,00 attended the sell our cryptocurrency conference, the first ever to combine technology and NFT exhibitions.
World Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather and Bitcoin HODLer attended and spoke at the event.
Nifty Gateway and Gemini Co Founders: “Winklehoff Twins” ( former Facebook co founders) were key note speakers and attended. Nifty Gateway long ago reached out to the NFT Blue team to identify projects and artists suitable for the platform.

Sponsors of Bitcoin Miami 2021 Hooranky Pre Registration Event:

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NFT Blue, is a division of M Digital Studios located in Beverly Hills, California, USA and manages NFT projects for news outlets, artists, creators, publishers, licensors, record labels, musicians, fashion designers , brands, non profits, sports stars and celebrities around the world.

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About AIP:

AIP token is the project of AMF Global , which was was co-founded by its CEO, Mr. Lee Chang Yong, and AMFOC (Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee), which has been leading the Asian cultural content industry running the ‘Asian Model Festival ‘ — the largest model, beauty, and fashion festival in Asia for the past 16 years.

Based on the Asian model and celebrities network in 28 countries AMF Global has naturally all the resources in house including worldwide talent, celebrities, influencers, creative projects. Last year the company established AMF GLOBAL USA for a global media platform applied with IT blockchain technology with Momentum Studios, Inc. (Beverly Hills, California).

AMF Global also runs “AIP Foundation (Asia Influencer Platform Foundation),” which has its own token — AIP(Asia Influencer Platform) and “AIP ecosystem.” AIP Foundation is creating an independent ecosystem with influencers, show-business celebrities, worldwide artists, broadcasting platforms, Asian fashion, beauty contents. The ‘AIP token’ is used for online voting and model selection, including contests for 28 Asian countries at the Asian Model Festival. In addition, ‘AIP token’ will be introduced in Bitcoin 2021 Miami when NFT Blue and AMF Global USA will be presenting Hooranky’s artist NFT.

AMF Global will also launch the company’s NFT on, a shopping mall of the AIP Foundation operated by its company

NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.