NFT Blue -Leading Team behind explosive digital collectibles NFT strategy.

Leading Beverly Hills based sports star, influencer, and entertainment advisory group leads NFT( non fungible token ) launch and global strategies.

Pioneering leaders in the blockchain -cryptocurrency media space whose ventures with clients raised over $1 billion, heads up the plan to address the frenzy for new global NFT ( non fungible tokens) ventures being launched.

Whats an NFT? An NFT crypto token that runs on cryptocurrency blockchain, has a distinct value from any other similar token. Individual characteristics dictate their uniqueness, hence, they are non-fungible, much like real-world assets like rare stones, works of art and collector luxury items. In short think of them as “skins” outside of video games, or a unique currency based on a digital collectible asset.

Beverly Hills based NFT Blue announced its expansion with entertainment and sports IP, alongside its expansion of other digital asset collectibles in the auto collectors, music , movie merchandise and memorabilia, and even real estate world. Having worked in the cryptocurrency space on the first blockchain movie streaming platforms promoting stars like Antonio Banderas , Jack Black and the late CNN broadcast legend Larry King, as well as leading the first blockchain music platforms and sports platforms that raised over $1 billion, the management team is one of the leading groups in the world with the expertise to take new IP ventures into the lucrative NFT marketplace.

The management team at both Momentum Media Fund and Momentum Studios, Inc. is a Beverly Hills based sports and entertainment group with IP ventures around the world, will head up the expansion serving clients seeking to get their IP launched as an NFT. Their built in digital ad agency and social media agency only helps assure the success of ventures launched for its partners around the world. In concert with its tie in to it’s TV series like Digital Innovators, a blockchain and NFT TV series it has slots to promote on Fox Business, and filmed in NASDAQ Studios in New York, give the NFT stories it propels a big boost. Also the group owns one of the most widely syndicated action sports shows reaching over 115 million on Fox Sports in Asia, boosting further promotion of its NFT projects targeting savvy young audiences who were the leaders in NFT consumption long ago.

NFT Blue is already launching this month the first ever movie venture “The 9th Raider” that entirely is funded and monetized around NFT sales and purchases. Worth saying again; yes- the first every movie funded and monetized by digital skins based on characters and weapons in the movie, with no economic dependency on box office receipts to break even!

Characteristics of Non-Fungible Tokens

  1. Rare — The value of NFTs comes from their scarcity. Although NFT developers can create any amount of non-fungible tokens, they often limit the tokens to increase rarity.
  2. Indivisible — Although not set in stone, most non-fungible tokens are indivisible into smaller units. You either purchase the entire amount of, say, a digital art piece, or purchase no art at all.
  3. Unique — This is perhaps the most significant characteristic of them all. NFTs have a permanent information tab that records their uniqueness. Think of this information as a certificate of authenticity.

Although the usage of NFTs has spread in various industries, they’re synonymously associated with the gaming and digital collectibles sectors and are most commonly found as a specific Ethereum token built on the ERC-721 standard. NFT’s team has not only the capacity to manager, market, and launch unique IP into the marketplace, but also has development partners to shape the blockchain process.

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NFT Blue

NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.