NFT Blue Holds Museum of Graffiti Launch event during Bitcoin 2021 Miami-NFT Blue Artist Line up.

NFT Blue’s founder’s team was on location during Bitcoin 2021 Miami’s event, attended by over 50,000 in Miami’s art district with star speakers such as World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, Entourage Star Adrian Grenier, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, X Games champ and Bitcoin HODler Tony Hawk. The world’s largest bitcoin event ever , was held in Mana Wynwood, where NFT Blue, threw an event headlined by a famous clubhouse panel of experts and NFT art showcase event held in the Museum of Graffiti, attended by crypto art traders, artists, crypto exchanges and lovers of art and cryptocurrency.

More than 3.5 million club house followers connected to this spot.

2nd from Left to Right:

Nicole Behnam CH @nicb 175k followers

Jin Yu aka WOLF X LION @wolfxlion CH 112k followers

Swan Sit CH: @swansit 3.5 million followers

NFT Co Founder Kenji Claudio IG: @nftblue

Artists showcased included AIP token backed Korean famed artist Hooranky ( whose last auction live in a department store in South Korea, fetched a whopping $10+ million USD for one piece), The 9th Raider, a crypto protocol supported movie and NFT project, artwork by crypto artist and edu stream group, Cryptopup, a real life artic pup that got its fame dating Logan Paul’s pomeranian on youtube vlog dates ( everyone makes dating wrong choices), photography by celebrity photographer Glenn Francis ( photographer for such celebrities as Hugh Hefner and Latin mega star “Bad Bunny”), recording artist and featured 9th Raider featured actress and star Kylin Kilani , Billboard Winning/High School Musical music team ( Andrew Lane) collaboration with artist Kirsten Collins, NFT Blue founder collaboration with artist Nadine Casanova ( a.k.a. music artist Kalibri), spectacular daughter -father artist collaboration of Alexandria Morrow and Richard Morrow, Artists #Diehardbirdie ( also the oldest video game/CSGO world champ at age 78) with photography by cryptocurrency and business icon/ David Drake ( his son) and The French Legacy, a superb motorcycle collection of rare exotic motorcycles set to animation , with sounds from the motorcycles past winning moments, set to cool music.

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NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.