NFT Blue set to manage and syndicate Fox Sports Aired Action Sports NFT Non Fungible Collectible “shots”.

Top shots of surf, snowboard, pro sports action, travel destinations, and bikini models to be highlighted in offerings.

NFT Blue is the leading advisory blockchain groups founded by Momentum’s management team, who have an impressive track record in professional sports and entertainment ventures and marketing. NFT shots of TV programming and clips has already generated hundreds of millions for super star sports organizations like the NFL, NBA and now will tap the huge massive action sports lifestyles and community worldwide.

The initial digital collectibles collection being offered will be promoted through NFT Blue global talent pool of social media stars who will earn guest hosting spots on the travel show as well as their fans as they earn their way to perks while collecting the top shots. The contest will kick off in April and run all year with winners scoring a free trip to Hawaii in the fall of 2021 and winter of 2022 to hang out with their favorite social media stars and just have fun.

BYOB-Bring Your Own Board TV was started by Momentum Studio’s team 5 years ago and just aired again to over 31 countries on Fox Sports Asia reaching over 115 million a day. It features top snowboarding , surf, kiteboarding, wake boarding and other outdoor sports stars, as well as social media influencers, models, and guest music artists are featured each week.

Top Social Media Stars both in house and through partnerships with other social media organizations will participate both on the show, in creating their own NFT with NFT Blue, as well as getting to be chosen to travel to Hawaii for a get away and photo shoot on the show.

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NFT Blue

NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.