NFT Influencers: NFT Blue adds over 250 of the world’s top NFT-specific influencers, gaming influencers, and podcasters to its “go-to market” plan for NFT collaborations.

And NFT Blue just completed putting into place a new tier of micro and major NFT-specific influencers and podcasters who focus entirely on NFT campaigns.

This is stacked onto its discord marketing partners and global network of over 725 venture funds it gets NFT campaigns directly in the inbox of decision-makers at the institutional level of NFT investments.

NFT Blue’s team is not new in the influencer strategy game, engaging influencers with games and NFT campaigns going back for several years.

What is an NFT Influencer?.

An NFT influencer has experience investing in, creating, or promoting NFTs. These influencers typically have large followings, and people look to them for advice on NFTs. Most influencers don’t provide insight into NFTs only. Followers can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies too.

How to Find NFT Influencers to Promote Your Project.

Finding the right influencers to promote your NFT project can be a challenge. Especially finding an influencer in your specific niche, with a presence on the right platform to reach your target audience, AND experience with promoting NFTs!



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NFT Blue

NFT Blue


NFT Blue is a global leading NFT advisory firm, which got started over 5 years ago. It manages over $150 million in NFT assets.