10 Stunning physical, NFT, and Metaverse-activated art pieces that transport humans into a 3D metaverse ascension and experience. While the physical art is in the collector's gallery or home, the art collection ( twin digital and engraved copies) has been selected for a mission on SpaceX to land the first art museum on the moon with Space Blue and Lunaprise.


Pepe Soho is an award winning nature and landscape photographer from Mexico. Over the course of his lifetime, the artist as an individual has expressed himself through design, imagery, and entertainment. A pioneer of the metaverse, Soho’s images have been on display at physical galleries located in Tulum, Miami, Polanco, AltaVista, and Playa del Carmen.

Due to a series of life events, Pepe did not discover his love for photography until his early 40s. The process of capturing and meticulously adjusting images provided him with a form of therapy and self discovery. In a quest to pay homage to Mother Nature for reconnecting him to early life experiences, his work became an expression of gratitude on the path to healing his mind, body, and spirit.

We invite you to explore the metaverse through Pepe Soho, and to discover his mastery of artistic expressionism that awakens your consciousness like never before.

To view all of Pepe Soho’s art, visit the link below.

To view all of Pepe Soho’s art, visit the link below.


The Art Collection will be authenticated on the Lunar Art Museum — “Lunaprise”

Twin digital and engraved prints of the art have been accepted on a mission being sent to the moon by Space X in December 2022 in concert with Space Blue, Galactic Galaxy Labs, and the Arch Foundation. Twin copies of the Collection will be engraved on plates to land on the Lunar Lander as well as digital copies of the NFT files, all of which are estimated to last over 1.5 billion years.

About NFTS and The Metaverse: NFT’s are the ultimate system for authenticating art projects on a global computing network that validates each asset as unique along with its historical authentication. The Metaverse is also bridging the gap for art collectors all over the world by giving a portal and 3D virtual world view ( with or without VR headsets like Oculus) collectors can obtain privacy to view their art collection or invite guests in to share the virtual 3D experience of their collection. Over 22 billion dollars in NFT sales have been created and purchased by global collectors since the start of 2022. The future is bright with further value and validation that a 3D experience provides something of great value for collectors moving forward.

Collaboration with Metaverse studios The art project is entirely Pepe Soho’s, and the metaverse side of the project is done with a technical collaboration with, one of the leading metaverse studios and development companies making waves in the space all over the world with its platform and pristine high definition experiences for audiences and art collectors.

Landian exists so that people, businesses, organizations, and cultures can engage unencumbered and without limitations. Landian’s mission with Pepe Soho is to build on the collective growth of virtual worlds for his art collectors by making them more interactive, accessible, and easier to navigate. The Metaverse is inevitable, it is the next evolution of cooperation, communication, storytelling, and emotional responses to be treasured by collectors but without the impediments often created by distance, time, money, and borders.



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