AsiaCat Launches 9th Raider Star Kylin Kylani on its NFT Mall, powered by NFT Blue.

Plans for Kpop, movie, fashion, beauty, modeling related NFT projects underway.

NFT Blue is excited to announce an exclusive launch of NFT by Asiacat, the social media, fashion and beauty e-commerce platform and now NFT marketplace of AMF Global USA. AMF Global USA is the branch of AMF Global, a South Korean company established based on ‘Asia Model Festival’ — the largest model, beauty, and fashion festival in Asia. The first artist and influencer launching is actress and model Kylin Kalani, star of The Post Apocalyptic Movie ‘The 9th Raider’.

NFTs are unique digital assets minted using blockchain technology that connect art, music, video and media files to the blockchain authentication process which makes the assets unique and rare and in many cases valuable.

Launches on: Friday August 13th, 2021 7PM PST.

Online at:

AMF Global USA will also launch the company’s NFT platform on, the shopping mall of AIP Foundation with a large pool of influencers, models and talents from all over the world. Ambassadors like Asiacat star and 9th Raider Movie Star Kylin Kylani will be one of the first Asiacat talents to launch her NFT collection and have her own NFT project on is the NFT platform where NFT art lovers get to enjoy and buy NFT based on their favorite movie and TV stars, kpop talent, music artists. Kylin’s NFT arrangements include her animation and photography projects synched with music she did with Disney and Billboard winning Music Producer Andrew Lane(Double Platinum Album producer of Miley Cyrus and Producer on Disney’s High School Musical 3 and Disney’s Princess Diaries).

“Launching NFTs with Asiacat and AMF Global is smart because we together have one of the biggest influencer networks all around Asia. Moreover, Asiacat’s NFT projects will be seen and promoted in South Korea, Asia and all over the world,” said 9th Raider- 15 year old teen star Kylin Kylani.

The companies will continue making NFT projects after the success of the famed South Korean Artist Hooranky sold an NFT for $5,050,000 USD on the platform on July 19th, 2021.

In addition, the company is starting a joint production project of K-dramas with worldwide broadcasting stations and production companies from countries such as the United States, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia. AMF Global will start distributing broadcasting programs and intellectual property rights(IP) and supplying it to Asian countries.

“Our company will focus its total capabilities by mobilizing the network of our American branch, AMF GLOBAL USA, and overseas partners to make Asiacat the most attractive NFT platform in Asia,” added Mr. Lee Chang Yong, CEO of AMF Global.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the NFTs on can also be purchased with AIP tokens, a cryptocurrency created by AMF Global.

About AMF GLOBAL USA: AMF GLOBAL USA is AMF Global’s US branch established in Beverly Hills, California, in September 2020.

As AMF Global’s US branch AMF GLOBAL USA will build and operate a global media platform which applies IT and blockchain technology.

About AIP token: AIP token is a cryptocurrency created by AIP Foundation of AMF Global.

AMF Global and AIP Foundation are creating their own ‘AIP ecosystem’ by pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy, widening their business functions in the areas of talent/influencer management, film/movie production and e-commerce.

AIP token is the core of the AIP ecosystem, and it is used for online voting and model selection, such as preliminary rounds in 28 Asian countries of the Asia Model Festival with more than 100 million votes per year.

The company’s websites are following:


NFT Blue is a division of M Digital Studios located in Beverly Hills, California, USA and manages NFT projects for news outlets, artists, creators, publishers, licensors, record labels, musicians, fashion designers, brands, non profits, sports stars and celebrities around the world.

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