The Artic Pup that inspired NFT “Cryptopup”

Fame came almost immediately for the adorable artic pup, when the real life “Cryptopup” ( aka “Marshmewow”) at just one years old, got more views online at an Oscars red carpet celebration event ,than any real life star there when she “peed” on the red carpet before paparazzi and fans and it went viral. Cryptopup , is well know to social media stars, she dated Logan Paul’s pomeranian dog “Kong” on a youtube series for a whole series of youtube Vlogs Logan Paul produced, and than, cuddled up on Instagram with NBC ‘s Deal or No Deal Star Olga Safari, hugged up next to America’s Next Top models, did ABC’s The Bachelor TV promo hype with her Crypto “Daddy Dog”, just appeared in a crypto movie The 9th Raider, the list goes on.

The crypto world, from South Korea to all over the world, are learning about her incredible gift at discerning real NFT Art. Her adopted pet owner, also a crypto trader, noticed she would tune into classical art, real valuable masterpieces, and loves iconic meditation and DJ music, as well as classical music, but seems to skip over most of the other noise and distractions as her human family scrolls during the day on NFT crypto exchanges viewing art.

NFT Blue launching “Cryptopup” for, crypto art lovers and and fans. Popularized Artic Pup “CryptoPup” to get collectible NFT art project launched in 2021.

NFT Blue Hollywood California. USA

Cryptopup, ( aka, “Marshmewow”… sounds just like how a 5 year old might pronounce marshmello), the adorable animated artic pup who has blown away fans with her trance state she goes into selectively tuning her artic ears to mesmerizing frequencies of some of the world’s top international DJ music, and mysteriously seems to have an an ability to stare at the most compelling NFT artwork , paintings, and select NFT art during the day when its projected onto the TV screen, as if in a meditation state. We kid you not!

[Above] South Korean-American Model/Actress (‘The 9th Raider”) Kylin Kylani and Cryptopup on movie set.

Cryptopup, also appears in the “Mad Max” like post apocalyptic crypto world movie set in the year 2037, where only crypto traders have the edge to survive called “The 9th Raider”, coming out in Fall, 2021.

Deal or No Deal Star Olga Safari introduced CrytoPup to Logan Paul for video series about his dog Kong looking for a date and tiny tea cup artic fox pomeranian “wifey”. The video series with the romance complete with Logan Pauls former dog Kong, and CryptoPup’s ‘smash love pad” got over 50 million views.

CryptoPup also started selling its apparel to video gamers in 2019.

The NFT Blue curative creative team loves to play, and the team is surrounded by playful real life characters that helped make them want to create animated ones for crypto art lovers.

The real “cryptopup” celebrated her 3rd year alone without fans and photographers aound, though in 2021 due to the Covid-19 global crisis. In the circles of her dog family and loved ones she is known by her birthname “Coco”. After living out in the countryside of San Diego, She got back to Los Angeles when things began to reopen landing immediately on another Oscars official media red carpet on her first day out. She also shot scenes for the movie crypto backed movie “The 9th Raider,” and has since appeared in many videos and social media blogs with social media stars.Her playfulness and face reminded the artistic team at NFT Blue team to include man’s best friend, in the fun .

NFT Blue Co Founder ( Right) along with Social Media influencer Kim Rios at Cryptopup’s Hollywood birthday party .

[Above] NFT Blue’s animation sneak peak from animation art team as the development of animated “Cryptopup” NFT’s takes shape.

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